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Song Remnant of River Sounds

by Su Shi




How many years have we had bright moonlight?
Holding a wine cup, I ask the clear sky
Don't know the palace watchtower up in the heavens
Wonder what year and dynasty is it for them.

I want to ride a chariot drawn by four horses, to go upward on the winds. But I fear their towers and palaces made of fine jade. And so high up in the sky, I couldn’t endure the freezing cold. Get up, dance and play with the moon shadows.

Feels the same as if I were living among them!
Shifting moonlight in the bright red pavilion, low enough to enter the screen door. So bright, no sleep possible. Shouldn't have resentment.

Why are we so far away, while the moon so round?
People always have sadness and joy, separate and unite
Moon has periods of being hidden, being revealed, being less than full


These affairs from ancient times, difficult to be whole and complete
Yet from the beginning, people have wanted a long life
And from a thousand li away, share it with the Moon Maiden.

85 x 200 cm

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